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We talk a lot about skin care around here. While that is great- it can be really overwhelming trying to navigate what will work for you, if you are not sure what your skin needs. Or what skin type you have.

I will try to help guide you along to some of my favourite skincare items for each skin type.

Also I will preface all of this by saying, I always recommend going to see an aesthetician so they can help you determine your skin type if you are unsure.


Typically if you have a dry skin type, your skin will feel dry all over. This includes on the face, hands, scalp.

You find your skin constantly needs moisturizer, especially in the winter. Dry skin is a type. Which means this is something you experience all the time VS something that comes and goes.

Dry Skin Lacks oil. So it requires Oil-rich products.

Face Wash

Lets Talk some of my favourite face washes for a dry skin. I would reach for something that is super gentle on the skin. Oil or milk based cleansers are non stripping and will feel so lovely.

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Facial Oils

A dry skin lacks oil, so it is super important to incorporate a facial oil into your routine. Here are a few we would recommend.

The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane $7.90/CAD

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treament Oil $64.00/CAD

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I have a dry skin type and I alway suggest reaching for something rich and emollient when shopping for a moisturizer for a dry skin type.

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Let me know what some of your go-to products are for a dry skin !