No Double Dipping - Lets keep it Sanitary

Hey Everyone !

I get asked questions often on the job- how I keep my kit sanitary and what measures are taken to ensure the products I’m using on my clients are sanity and safe.

I think these are super valid questions. If I was having my makeup done I would want to be 100% sure the artist was well versed in this area of the job and had taken the necessary steps to ensure the service they are providing is clean, and safe for their clients.

So I thought I would compile a list of measures I take and things I avoid to ensure I’m keeping it clean !

Wash your brushes

This should be quite clear but in case its not - Deep clean your brushes after every use. This can be done with a brush soap or shampoo that has antibacterial properties in it.

My absolute Favourite brush cleanser is the Sonia Roselli Tiger Brush soap- There is just nothing comparable. It cleans my brushes better than anything on the market, keeps them looking new and is so gentle. It contains Honey and Tea Tree oil which both have natural anti-bacterial properties to keep them germ free!

If you must spot clean your brushes between clients be sure to use something that has antibacterial properties in it. Its not just about cleaning or product removal it is about sanitizing the tool. My personal favourite is the Beauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner. It is amazing !


This is not only one of my favourite things to do to save space, but also to ensure I am keeping everything sanitary.

De-potting cream items allows you to scrape out what you need with a disposable spatula or a spatula that can be cleaned and sanitized between each use.

This means if you are not using disposable spatulas you are sanitizing your spatula prior to it entering your palette. Every. Single. Time.

Cream and Liquid products

I’m going to say this loud for those in the back - It is not possible to sanitize cream or liquid products- These are not items you can spray with an alcohol in order to keep germ free. Bacteria requires moisture to grow, so cream based makeup products along with liquid products are a breeding ground for germs. Spraying these items only dampens them further, allowing more room for bacteria to grow. This is why it is so important to use spatulas with cream based products, and remove what is needed, as needed. Apply liquid products to a palette or petrie dish and work from that. This goes for items like cream shadows, blushes, cream based foundations and lipsticks. I de-pot my lipsticks not only because it saves a TON of room but again because lipsticks are cream based and can’t be sanitized. Ask yourself this. You watch as a lipstick is applied to someone you don’t know, that someone has a cold sore. Let’s also keep in mind cold sores are most contagious before visible signs are present. Would you feel confident applying that same lipstick to your own lips if it had been sanitized? Far Too risky for me! Again it is cream so best to de-pot the product or scrape the lipstick you require off the tube, at each use, using a sanitized spatula.

Liquid Liners

The only way to use a liquid liner while keeping it sanitary is with a disposable liner wand or by placing the product from the pen onto a clean petrie dish or your hand, and work from that with a brush, You can not use a liquid liner directly from the tube. Not unless you intend on gifting the liner to your client after using it.

While you can dip the felt tip into a 70% rubbing alcohol, this will only dry out the formula over time and it does nothing for the prouduct inside the tube. There is also no way for you to control bacteria from entering the pen.

Product flows freely up and down the pen or through the tube, so there would be no way to know with 100% certainty that the product inside is sanitized once applying it directly to a clients eye.

The eye area is such an easy place to spread germs.

Imagine your client had pink eye and you were unaware, or any eye infection for that matter. You apply set liquid liner directly to the clients eye, there is no way for you to control that bacteria from entering the tube. Even if you are sanitizing the tip.

If I use a liquid liner I would place the product onto a dish and use a brush to apply. This way the product remains sanitized.


Keep your mascaras sanitized by always using single use wands, never double dip.


Another product that requires a disposable wand. I love a good gloss- so I simply go in with a single use lip wand and apply. This way there is never any double dipping. Or apply the product the the back of clean hands and apply with a brush.

Sanitizing Pencils and tools. I rely heavily on 70% rubbing alcohol. Nothing higher than that, otherwise it dries down too quickly not allowing enough time for the alcohol to kill any of the bacteria. Spray tools and pencils before and after each use.

Keep your work area free of garbage, sanitize your hands and have fun !

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