Image Skincare


We have all been there, the battle of the blemish. Or in my case, blemishes.

Mid my attempt to try to combat this on-going problem I began getting regular peels ( every three weeks ) to try an manage the flare ups. This was done by my dear friend Jenn at Cove esthetics in Kingston. If you are from the area then chances are you see her or have heard of her. She is amazing at what she does and in my opinion, no one can quite master the perfect brow like she does.

Prior to the peels I was having seasonal facials done. During that period I became curious about a skin care line that Jenn uses called Image Skin Care.

I am forever dabbling in the skincare department. Trying new things and hoping that the next product will somehow solve my skincare woes.

I think we have arrived at that moment. I can’t say enough good things about this skincare line. I began noticing a difference after a few treatments. I was curious to know about the products, because I was planning on doing an overhaul of my lineup. I was not seeing results or getting what I wanted from my current skincare routine and just felt like I really needed to invest in good quality products. My skin had undergone a huge change in a few short months and I needed to come at it from a different direction.

After researching the line and asking tons of questions I settled on two products to start.

The Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion

It contains Benzyl Peroxide which attacks acne-causing bacteria to treat acne, blackheads and clogged pores. Botanical brighteners which help to reduce Redness and scarring from past acne marks.

This product is so amazing. It does such an incredible job of keeping my blemishes under control. I have not experienced a breakout ( with the exception of a few minor blemishes) since I added this into my routine. It has been almost three months since I began using it and i’m totally in love with this product. I use it in the evening prior to my facial oil. A little goes a long way. I started incorporating this into my routine slowly as it can be drying if used to excessively. Once I felt my skin was able to tolerate it, I began using it nightly.


VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum

I’m not sure why it took me so long to incorporate a really great Vitamin C Serum into my routine. The amount of amazing benefits Vitamin C has to offer is incredible. It stimulates collagen. It protects skin against oxidative damage. Brightens and tightens the skin. Fights against hyperpigmentation. It is so super hydrating. Amazing on all skin types. Incredible for acne prone skin, and dehydrated skin.

I have seen such amazing results from this product. My skin is brighter, definitely more hydrated. It has done such an amazing job of reducing any of my dark spots. Some caused by acne scarring and some from pregnancy. In the morning I cleanse and tone my skin. I apply the Vital C and follow up it with a hyaluronic Acid and a moisturizer.