Wakeup your skin with Drunk Elephant

Hi Guys !

I don't know if you've heard but there is a new skincare line on the market and everyone is going crazy over it!

Drunk Elephant.

Committed to using Clean ingredients only. Ingredients that benefit your skin directly. All while eliminating a large number of ingredients that they strongly believe are the culprit in many common skin concerns.  

I have been reading and hearing so many things about this brand and was so excited to try them out. The name for most I think is enough to pique an interest

Our local Sephora slowly started carrying bits of the line and surely I began picking them up.

I have been using three items from the line up for the past few weeks and I'm really loving them. I am always changing up or trying out new skin care items. These changes are typically a direct result of weather and the condition of my skin.

I was on the hunt for a daily moisturizer that would add some radiance to my skin. Basically anything that claims to brighten and I'm willing to try it. Nothing at this point has really blown me away. So when I read about the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel, my curiosity was piqued.

Said to be a glass of water for the skin. Ultra hydrating. This improves the skins tone and texture.

Formulated with provitamin B and pineapple ceramide, B-Hydra™ attracts and holds moisture to the skin.

Barberry extract soothes the skin while Watermelon Rind and Apple provide 24 hour hydration.

So far, I have been really loving this moisturizer. It is great for daily wear. The Gel formula still leaves me feeling like I need to add a few drops of a facial oil but it has been keeping my dry skin under control and leaves my skin feeling radiant.

DE Hydra.jpg

I was in no way on the hunt for a  new cleanser. However I kept reading about the facial bars and thought It was something I needed to try. They offer two options in the line up

The Peekee bar and the JuJu Bar

I picked up the JuJu bar. It is a multi-tasking 3-in-1 bar that cleanses , exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. Formulated with Thermal Mud and Bamboo Powder, it removes dead skin cells, dissolves unwanted oil and unclogs the pores. It Refines the skins texture and adds clarity.

I love this bar. I was concerned with the price, and how long this may last. But to my surprise it is holding up really well. It is so mild on the skin, especially for daily use. It is fragrance free which I love and provides such a gentle exfoliation, that my skin feels refreshed daily without being stripped.



Lastly I picked up the Lippe Balm. It is so necessary this time of year.

I hate having dry chapped lips, so anything that might aid in preventing this or healing them is something I am willing to try.

I'm obsessed with this. Not only is it soothing and super moisturizing, it also plumps the lips. Made with Avocado oil and Cranberry oils to keep the lips hydrated. Sea Fern Algae and peptides help to plump the lips. We have had such a cold burst over the last few weeks that my lips instantly took a hit. This has been so wonderful and has done an amazing job at keeping my pout hydrated. It is so nice to wear alone or something I apply while I`m doing my makeup to prep my lips for a lipstick.



So while it has only been a few weeks I am really enjoying the line. There are a few more items I'm hoping to try so I will update you as I add them to my collection!

Shop www.Sephora.ca or directly at www.Drunkelephant.com