Mornings with Garnier

Happy Tuesday!

On a recent trip to Shoppers Drug Mart I stumbled upon some Garnier Products. I have for some time been meaning to pick up the BB Cream from the line, a recommendation from a friend who swears by it. It was on sale ( Bonus ) and thought no better time like the present to give it a go!

The line of BB Cream's is offered for both Normal to Dry skin and Combination to Oily. I have head better things about the Combination to Oily formula, and Although I'm a little more Dry at the moment, I picked it up.

It is available in two shades; Light/Medium & Medium/Dark

I picked up the Light/Medium but will likely require the Medium/dark as well moving into the summer for application alone or to use in combination with the Lighter shade.

I was able to pick this up for Less than $17.00- which in my opinion is quite a deal for a BB Cream. It's available in 60ml and you can find it at a number of places, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Walmart.

My first impression of this is quite good. I like the formula. It is ideal for mornings when I don't have a ton of time and simply need something easy and efficient to even out my skin tone. It is super lightweight and does not leave the skin feeling tacky. That is typically my largest issue with a BB cream. The coverage is good. What I would expect from this type of product. It does a great job of covering just enough.
It does really mattify the skin, so I might be open to mixing the formulas ( Both Combination/Oily & Normal to Dry) this might give me best of both worlds. It is said to still offer hydration for the skin and also minimizes the look of pores.

I can see myself purchasing this product again, it is great to have on hand as an alternative to a foundation.

I also picked up a sheet mask from Garnier. I have not seen these in the past and was obviously intrigued. New from the line is the Moisture Bomb. A Super hydrating Sheet Mask that provides instant moisture for softer more radiant skin.

Mask Contains;

Pomegranate extract and Hyaluronic Acid

Apply to the skin and leave on for 15 minutes

This mask was a steal of a deal at $3.50. I was happy with the way my skin felt after using this mask. For the price I will definitely pick up more to get a better idea of the benefits, as it can be a little hard to tell after just one use !