Lengthy Lashes with Noir Interdit


The newest innovation in mascara, Noir Interdit by Givenchy.

It offers an innovative 90 Degree bendable brush. Allowing you to target your lashes from all angles.

It gives your lashes a false lash effect, coating them from root to tip. It offers a unique stretching formula giving you lengthier lashes, without compromising the volume.

Givenchy was kind enough to send this out to me to try and after using the formula over the last few weeks I have really come to love it. I'm generally partial to a larger wand when It comes to my mascara, so this took a little getting used to. It really does an amazing job of separating and coating my lashes. Creating a ton of length and definition. The bendable brush is ideal for coating the top of my lashes, which I always do! It is also great for the lower lash line.

The formula does have a little bit of a fragrant smell to it, but It is not something that would stop me from using or purchasing the product

If you have natural length to your lashes, and you are looking for a mascara to enhance that and add definition I would absolutely recommend this product.

It is available in Black and retails for $38.00





FTC: These products were sent to my for my consideration. All opinions are my own.