Tarte Chrome Paint

I feel like I'm always on the hunt for a really great high impact shimmer, or gloss like eye shadow.

The new Tarte Chrome Paint Shadows immediately caught my eye. They offer the most beautiful Chrome or foiled finish. An ideal alternative for someone who wants that shimmery product, without flecks of glitter.

A metallic loose pigment in a pot, that melts into the skin. It gives a stunning high sheen finish.

I had watched a few reviews and first impressions videos of this product and the reaction was pretty similar across the board. The pigmentation was said to be so incredible. I was excited to see how this actually applied once I was able to get my hands on it.

I wanted to purchase them all, but decided to go with one until I was able to test it out. I picked up Martini, which is Golden in tone with a hint of olive to it.

The line up offers six shades;

Fire Dancer - Burgundy
Martini - Tan
Park Ave Princess- Bronze
Steel the Show- Navy Blue
Top Yacht - Champagne
Pot of Gold- Gold

When picking up the product on a brush the product does crumble a little bit, but once applied they really do glide on. The finish is stunning. 

Upon application I would definitely prime the eye lids before jumping in with the product.
I applied the product both dry and after wetting my brush and both methods are lovely. I found I preferred using a flat synthetic brush for application best and blending out the edges with a fluffy brush.

I want to add all of these to my collection. I think they are so pretty. They are beautiful worn alone or paired with shadows. These offer a ton of versatility.
The price point is also pretty great, at $27.00 Canadian.

Available online at www.Tartecosmetics.com or www.Sephora.com