The GummiBand.

I was not familiar with this product until a few months ago.

As a mom I am constantly pulling my hair back, even if  just for a few minutes to get it out of my face . This happens many times throughout the day, so I always fall victim to the dreaded kink that a traditional hair tie leaves in my hair. I already struggle to find the time to do my hair so when I have the opportunity, I'm always ruining it by pulling it back.
The GummiBand seemed like the perfect solution, but would it really work ?

Heck yes they do!

The GummiBand chords are hypoallergenic, they do not absorb water or sweat. Meaning they don't breed bacteria

They reduce hair breakage. They can be kept and used for years. If you find they are stretching out after use, warm them up with hot air or hot water and they will return to their original size.

They come with a one year warranty- like, what !?! How amazing is that!

They are available in packs of four for $7.99.

Shipping in Canada is free.  Bonus!

The amazing Girl Bosses behind the GummiBand are Canadian and and totally believe In giving back. Which just adds to how incredible they already are! They fully support Women in Business and help provide Mirco-loans to women in developing countries to support their entrepreneurial or educational dreams. HOW INCREDIBLE !


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** FTC- These GummiBands were sent to me for my consideration, all opinions are my own.