Vitry Nail Repair Care

It might be a post pregnancy thing, but over the past few months I have been experiencing really soft and brittle nails. It feels like they are constantly breaking or splitting, most often without doing anything to cause it to happen. I've been trying out the Virty Nail Care Repair for a little over two months in hopes to repair them.

I really wanted to put this to the test and give my nails some time to strengthen. You are to apply the nail care to bare nails, applying a new fresh coat every two days.

It is said to take about two weeks to work. I have noticed such a huge improvement with my nails since I began using this product. I have had the odd break here and there, which were always self inflicted rather than them just breaking without effort or reason. With that aside they are definitely stronger than before.

I have avoided having my nails done for a few months, as I have found constantly doing so can also weaken them. It was not until now that I feel like I can go without causing any further damage.

Virty also offers a nourishing nail and cuticle oil to strengthen the cuticle.

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