Kate Somerville EradiKate

When I think of really great Skincare lines, Kate Somerville always comes to mind. She has been creating change and revolutionizing skincare products for over 25 years. She firmly believes everyone deserves beautiful skin and wants to help make that happen for you.

She offers products to combat a wide variety of concerns, from anti-aging, to acne. Firming and discoloration.

I have been using items from the EradiKate line for a little over a year. I have on occasion tried to stray away and try something different but I always end up going back.

The EradiKate line is made up of three products.

A Foaming Cleanser
A mask
a spot treatment

I have been using the Spot Treatment for years.

The Acne Treatment is formulated with the highest level of sulphur allowed to fight pimples and future breakouts.

It also contains BHA's Help reduce the appearance of large pores and zinc Oxide to help control oil production.

I apply it as a last step in my nighttime skincare routine. Simply dip a Qtip into the glass sediment and apply to the active breakouts on your face. They advise you not to shake the jar as the active ingredients sit at the bottom. The product is pink and will definitely rub off slightly once dry so I will sleep with a designated pillowcase that I'm okay with staining and wash it in the morning when I wake.


The EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser is a newer addition to my skin care. About 5 months after having my daughter my skin took a sudden turn for the worst. I have been dealing with on and off cystic Acne under my jaw line. Because of this I have been very open to trying out new products that might assist in keeping this under control.

I had been reading a lot of really great things about this face wash and thought there was no harm in giving it a try. The spot treatment has been so amazing, I figured this would be equally as great.

It is wonderful. It feels gentle on the skin. It is a creamy cleanser that doesn't leave the skin feeling tight or dry. It does a really great job at reducing the redness on my skin and keeping the inflammation down. So far I'm really enjoying this and I will absolutely continue to purchase this.

You can shop the line up at www.Sephora.com or www.Katesomerville.com

Kate Somerville Daily Foaming Cleanser
Kate Somerville EradiKate
kate Somerville EradiKate