Wise Mens Care

This one's for the Men.

Got a man in your life ? Wise Men's Care has all of their Hair Care needs covered. A Company who believes firmly in not only caring for yourself, but the environment also. Their products are free of Artificial colors and fragrances, parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

The only ingredient that keeps this line from being Vegan is the use of Beeswax, something they rely on for the moisturizing and protective properties. The products are scented with essential oils, again to avoid the use of harmful fragrances. They believe so strongly in doing what they can to protect the environment all their packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials and all of the packaging is reusable.

The Products are sourced out of Quebec, right here in Canada.

I was lucky enough to receive the Wise Men's Care Introductory Bundle and immediately passed it on to my husband. His hair care routine is kept pretty simple, but he was more than willing to give the products a try.

Wise Birch Bark Daily Shampoo in Minimalist Pouch

This shampoo is packed with active ingredients known to help encourage healthy and revitalized hair. White Birch Bark extract is a sustainable botanical extract found in the Canadian Boreal forest renowned for its high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. Because it is formulated without SLS, it is less foamy or sudsy than most shampoos, which I think was the only real factor that made this seem so foreign upon use, for my husband. However you are able to create a little bit of that well known lather if you go in right away for a repeat wash. The scent was a favorite for him. eucalyptus extract and Cedarwood help give this an incredible smell. It almost has a slight cooling effect when applied. It feels very fresh.

All in all this was a hit for my husband. He has been using this since It arrived, and I have reached for it a few times, and I have to agree. It smells amazing, and it worked really well for my hair.


475 ml / $34 CAD

475 ml / $34 CAD


Glacier Clay Pomade in Reusable Glass Bottle

A pomade that is made from hand-picked organic glacial marine clay from Northern British Columbia. Packed with beneficial minerals. This is great for all hair types. It helps to promote healthy hair with its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is a medium hold with a matte finish.

Again with the smell. This product is packed with ingredients like Shea and Cacao Butter. Sandalwood, clary sage and essential oils. It has such a fresh woodsy smell. I love it.

I have actually used this more on my son's hair. My husband does not have the length for a pomade. However my four year old recently had a very trendy hair cut, so is always requesting us to "put stuff in his hair like the hairdresser does" I feel better knowing this is packed with ethically sourced, natural ingredients. It holds well, without feeling overly tacky or sticky which I really like.

60 ml / $32 CAD

60 ml / $32 CAD

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** FTC - These products were sent to me for my consideration, all opinions are my own