Hits and Misses

There comes a time when you look back on the month and realize you have spent a small fortune on Makeup and skincare products. February and March were those months for me.

So with that said, I thought I would compile a list of all of my current Hits and Misses

So read on, for a look into my purchases- What i'm loving and what I lose sleep over buying. ( Insert Dramatic face )


1. Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Face Mask.

I love this mask, so much. It is a non-drying purifying mask that removes skin impurities. Leaves the skin super soft, clean and radiant. I love a good clarifying mask, but they always tend to be quite drying, and that is already something I have to deal with. This does not leave the skin feeling dry at all, it also smells amazing !

 I have a full review of this mask which I will link below, if you want to read up on all the details!

$34.00/ 75 ml

Link to my review on the Clarins Mask;



2. Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil
I am very new to this brand, it just launched In Sephora Canada within the last few months. However it is so highly discussed I have been impatiently waiting for it to arrive for what feels like forever. All of their products contain Squalane and other amazing natural good for the skin ingredients. I have a full in depth review of this which I will link below if you want all the specifics.

This is the most amazing oil. I apply it morning and night. If I know I will be wearing makeup throughout the day, I make sure to apply the oil about an hour before foundation application. It tends to cause a lot of slip if applied right before. My skin is brighter and super hydrated. The Vitamin C and Rose oil, tighten the skin and have done one hell of a job evening out my skins tone and texture. This is a hit for me. I'm super excited to try more items from the line.

It comes with a hefty price tag, coming in at $90.00 for 30/ml but 2 drops does the whole face, so I feel like this will go a long way.

Full Review Below;



3. L'Oreal Pro-Glow Concealer. 

To-date my favorite Drug store concealer. Much like the foundation, it is so hydrating and Dewy. I tend to have a dry under eye area, and I can't stand concealers that emphasize that. This does not do that at all. It's a sheer coverage in my opinion, however it layers so well. I apply multiple layers with my beauty blender and then set with a very small amount of Laura Mercier Setting Powder.




4. Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter
I am always on the hunt for really great highlighters. I have a textured skin on the high points of my cheek so highlighters always sit horribly. I can't stand anything chunky or overly glittery. I long for highlighters that are a little more finely milled or have a really smooth application. I picked this up on a whim, it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for like $11.00. Which is a steal for a highlighter. To my surprise, this is stunning. I love the formula. I only picked up one shade, so I can't be sure if both shades have the same texture. I purchased the Molten Rose Gold which is exactly as it is described. It is a subtle rose gold tone, it is not overpowering and it blends beautifully.

Maybelline offers two shades, Molten Rose Gold and Molten Gold.



5. Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.
The Newest Foundation from Nars. A medium buildable coverage. 16 hour wear. Fade and transfer resistant. I was so excited about this launch. I have been on a foundation frenzy as of late and I'm hunting for something new. I'm always hesitant about anything longwearing. I mean, I want something that will last on the skin but longwearing products always tend to be a little more drying.

The formula notes it is a Radiant finish, I find it to have more of a natural finish. The coverage is beautiful. Medium coverage but has the potential to be full if you build it up. It wears really well and does last on the skin. I do find it will cling to a few of my dry areas so good skin prep is a must for me.

When I tired this the first few times, I hated it. It looked really dry and I didn't love the way it sat on my skin. However I was having a really rough few days last week with all foundations. Anything I tired looked horrible. I decided to give this a second go, and I'm so glad I did. I love the way it looks, and the way it feels on the skin. It's not heavy but leaves the skin looking really flawless.

$60.00/ 30ml


6. Annabelle Perfect Bronze.
I picked up the Annabelle perfect Bronze in Sun Kissed on a whim while grocery shopping. So glad I did. Guys, this was like $11.00 and it is so beautiful. It is not to terracotta toned and it is not muddy looking . It is just a beautiful warm bronze tone. It has a very subtle sheen when applied, and it blends beautifully. It is very buildable which I love, as I most often use a bronzer to warm up my whole face, so I love the control when I have the ability to build my product up. I have been reaching for this non stop since I picked it up. If you are in the market for a bronzer, I would totally check this one out.






1. Peter Thomas Roth Max Correction Pads.
For me, this was the biggest let down. I was once an avid user of these pads. For many years this was a holy grail product, before it was suddenly ripped form the shelves and discontinued ( or so I thought ) I was in Sephora one day to pick them up and they were no longer carrying them. I tired to buy the online and was unsuccessful. So you can imagine my surprise when I come across these a year later while browsing. I immediately picked them up and assumed our love affair would pick up right where we left off.
I am convinced while revamping these or doing whatever they were doing over the year that these were unavailable, that they reformulated them. I relied heavily on these to keep my acne at bay. These just don't do anything for my skin anymore. I'm not having the same results as I once did. They smell and feel different upon use. I gave it one full jar, which is 60 Pads in hopes maybe they were just taking a little longer to have an effect on my skin. Sadly they are not what I remember. I'm not sure why they would have changed the formula. I'm not even sure they did- however they feel different and they just don't seem to have any type of an impact on my skin, which is such a totally let down.

2. Glossier Solution
I have a in depth review of this which I will link for you below. I was so excited about this launch. The product seemed like it might be able to hit all the marks I was looking for in a skin care solution. I was not a fan of this at all. It did nothing for my skin. Actually that is not entirely true, it dried my skin out. Not totally shocking, this is an acid so naturally that will happen. I went into it having read both really positive and negative reviews. I was going to give it the full four weeks, which is how long they have noted it takes to " Change your skin". After the four weeks, I still had the same blemishes I has been suffering from prior to beginning the solution. My skin was really dry, and needed some major TLC. I love so many of the glossier products, but this is not one of them.

Full Glossier Solution Review ;