Glossier Solution


The highly anticipated Glossier Solution.

The newest skincare revolution from Glossier. Said to "Transform your skin in just four weeks". Said to slough off dead skin cells through a chemical exfoliation. With Daily use it is to eliminate acne and reduce the size of pores. Reduces Redness and smooth's out the skins surface.

Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA).

I was really excited when I read about this product. I'm a fairly new user of Glossier products, but anything I have tried from them I have really liked. I hoped this would be the skin saver I was looking for. After ordering it and upon waiting for it to arrive, I read a handful of super knowledgeable reviews and blogs on this product that immediately had me second guessing my purchase.

Never the less, it arrived and I was going to put it to the test. I have been having hormonal break outs under my jaw line since about 5 months postpartum and I thought It was worth a shot. I had read it could cause skin irritation so I went in using this every second day before working my way up to daily use. I was never able to apply this to my skin both morning and night, because I found it to be quite drying. Really drying actually. After use my skin became quite red and I did experience some stinging. Not an ideal reaction to a skincare product. My skin became tight and raw, and regardless of the extra attention paid to moisturizing after using this, nothing was combating the dryness.

This was a miss for me. Again I am a fan of quite a number of Glossier products, but this sadly is not one of them. I can see how it might lead people to believe that it works. While drying out my skin, it definitely dried out any of my active blemishes, reducing the size. However this leads to my skin producing more oil, clogged pores and the breakout cycle begins all over again. It was unsuccessful in clearing my acne or preventing further breakouts.

This is my opinion on the product. I always welcome you to give products a try and see for yourself if they work for you. skincare and makeup is not a one size fits all deal in any way. What I love might not be what you love, and this definitely applies to skincare. What works for my skin type might not be your cup of tea, feel me?!


$29.00/CAD 4.4 Fl oz/ 130ml