SOS with Clarins


Your skin is feeling the wrath of the winter weather. Dry, flaky, congested. We all experience it.
Good thing Clarins has such a fantastic variety of products to help combat this.

SOS a new line of face masks from Clarins all targeted for different skin concerns. I ran out and purchased the SOS Pure mask on a whim one day, because a fellow blogger had mentioned it and was enjoying the benefits.

It is a non- drying face mask ( I love this aspect ) that eliminates impurities and reduces the size of pores. I often find that purifying masks can leave my skin feeling tight and extra dry, this is not at all the case. My skin feels super clean a radiant after use. It contains alpine willow herb extract, which aids in the purifying the skin. It is said to combat acne bacteria and it is also an anti inflammatory.

I have used this twice this past week. I have active breakouts along my jawline ( still ) and after application my skin feels really calm and soothed. I have found a significant reduction In the size of my breakouts the following morning after use.

Because I have a dryer skin I really love the idea of a mask that helps with acne and purifying the skin and doesn't leave my face feeling stripped or excessively dry .

If you are looking for a mask to combat Dry skin you can try the SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration mask, or for the driest of skin you can try the comfort nourishing balm mask.

All available at Your local shoppers Drug Mart and

While Picking up the SOS Mask I also decided to replenish my face treatment oil. I have a blog on the Blue Orchard Face Oil which I will link below, however I decided to switch things up this time and pick up the Santal Oil.

It is a rebalancing face oil made from 100% pure plant extracts. Ideal for a dry skin.
It contains Sandalwood which is amazing for soothing the skin. Cardamon, and Lavender to tone and decongest. Hazelnut oil to reduce redness and soften the skin.

Just like the Blue Orchard oil, This stuff is amazing. I use it nightly as part of my skincare lineup . It smells amazing, musk like. I find it the smell relaxing and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. I apply a few drops alone or mixed into another moisturizer.

Clarins SOS Pure Mask and Santal Facial Oil
Clarins SOS Pure Face Mask
Clarins Facial Oil

Link to my review on the Clarins Blue Orchard Face Oil