Brighter Skin with Eminence

I know, I know- It has been a hot minute since I have blogged, sorry for the lack of content. Being super pregnant and really exhausted definitely played a major role in the lack of motivation...

Anyways, Here I am with loads of new reviews for you!!

I recently took the day ( Mothers Day, actually ) To enjoy a massage and a facial at an amazing Local spa. The Annex, I'm talking about you !

I knew going into the facial, my skin is super dehydrated. It is a constant battle I fight. I as you all know, have always suffered from acne prone skin. It has for the last few years been pretty great, but it is always something I'm trying to stay on top of. Because that can change at any minute.

The aesthetician was amazing. Super knowledgeable and really sweet.

I have raved in the past about the Eminence products ( I will link past reviews below ) The products are free of animal by-products, parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oil and harmful colorants and fragrances. They are also hand-made which is incredible.

The Facial was amazing and I was recommended a few products to incorporate into my skincare routine, to help combat my concerns. One of which is dull skin.

I took home the Eminence Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant. It is a powder-to-foam exfoliant. Packed with microgreens, Stone Crop, Adzuki powder and Rice flower to infuse your skin with a youthful glow. It is said to remove impurities to reveal a brighter complexion.

I have been using this twice a week and I absolutely love it. It is not super abrasive which is great for sensitive skin. My skin feels amazing after use and it is doing a great job of keeping my skin balanced.  I have used a product similar to this by the line in the past and the powder lasts forever- like it took me well over a year to go through my last bottle. So,  It is totally worth every penny! It was mentioned to me that the key is to keep the product away from any moisture or water directly. So keeping the bottle in the shower is not a great idea..

I have been keeping mine in the box , out of the bathroom ina dry area. This way I'm ensuring it won't retain any moisture and I don't compromise the product!

If you are in the area I can't recommend this product enough.


stone crop.png