Tartelette Toasted Palette From Tarte

If you're like me and you can't get enough of warm toned eyeshadow palettes, or you just don't have any in your makeup collection. The Tartelette Toasted Palette from Tarte is for you.

I Patiently waited for weeks to get my hands on this, back in December. And I have basically been wearing it non stop ever since.

It is a stunning collection of 12 warm toned eyeshadows. The palette was so well thought out. Consisting of a great range of both Matte shadows as well as satin shadows. This is always something I'm considering when I'm thinking about purchasing products. It allows me to utilize one palette when creating an an eye look, without the need to reach for another one. It is also ideal when travelling to know that I will be able to create a range of varied looks with just the one palette.

The shades range from a matte bone beige tone to a Deep Brown. They Blend really well and apply beautifully. They are infused with Amazonian Clay for maximum Longevity. It is said that you do not require a primer prior to application, with the addition of the clay.

I can't attest to this, because I always prime my eyelids!

Price point is great, coming in at $60.00 CAD. It can be purchased online at www.tartecosmetics.com or www.sephora.com


Tartelette Toasted Palette

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Tarte Cosmetics Toasted palette